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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Two who told Two

Here is part of the article "two who told two"

One little recognized ingredient in Amway's success is the way it has managed its relationship with its distributors. This is saying a good deal, too-effectively managing this relationship is perhaps the single greatest challenge any network marketing company faces. Leave them entirely on their own to do their own thing, and soon you'll have thousands of people saying who knows what, making who knows what kind of product claims and income promises, running afoul of every imaginable state and federal regulation in their missionary zeal. Untrammeled abuses can rain down a maelstrom of regulatory action-even shut a company down. ( it has happend far too many times in this business) What's more, nothing kills the momentum of an independant business like the chaos of an anything goes, flavor of the week, hundreds of channels to choose from palette of business "systems" and "success strategies". Solution? Regulate the field. But how much? Just a little too much, and they feel squashed, stomped on, and resentful. ( Hey this is starting to feel like the corporate rat race I'm trying to escape) Amway maintains a healthy "church and state" sort of seperation from the IBOAI. At the same time, the company has had to rein in the IBO force at times. A quick visit to Amways web site today reveals "Q&A" style efforts to manage some of the most common public perceptions of IBO abuses such as religiously oriented, strong arming, high profit tools loading, and the infamous "curiousity approach" ( where I invite you over for coffee and cheesecake, whip out a white board, draw circles and deny that its Amway) These are the behaviors that have given Amway its sometimes uneven reputation, and Amway corporate and top field leaders strive mightily to prevent them and keep the overzealous troops in check..without inordinately crimping their style. Its a delicate balance, and Amway has it managed masterfully. End of that part!

Okay, not sure if they did or not, but maybe Amway did have it delicately balanced, However some thangs have changed since Quixtar cause shit aint like they say here that they dont do or try to prevent from being done. Yeah okay well I was taught to do JUST EXACTLY those things, and nobody did or said crap upline to prevent it or discourage it. I learned this crap somewhere, UPLINE, so why are they back tracking? If they wanted to prevent it or stop it, why are they turning the other cheek now? Was this article crap? I think so.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Jazi and Majik are proud parents to 6 healthy kittens!!! Born early this morning, she involved me in the entire process, the kids helped it was great. All 6 will be adopted in fact a few already have homes, we got 2 white ones with one teeny strand of black on their foreheads, the rest are calico, mostly black, but mixed with copper and white. Very distinct looking babies.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just "Passing" on the news

Passport has launched MAP with 6 affiliates
Inphonic (Cell Phones)
The Sharper Image
Office Depot

It is stated on the site:

Revenues from Passport's Merchant Affiliate Program are placed in the Merchant
Affiliate Bonus Pool and evenly divided among bonus check eligible Independent
Associates. In order to be classified as bonus check eligible Passport Associates must satisfy the $85 in-plan volume during each month of the quarter. Merchant Affiliate Bonus' are paid quarterly.

Passport Independent Associates receive up to a 75% share of the revenues
generated from the participating merchants. The merchants pay up to 15% of the
overall sale.

More affiliates are in the works.

This is taken from an email I recieved from Passport today.

Got Milk?

Well I have exciting news! My 2 year old cat Jazi is gonna be a momma! We are really excited about this and have been waiting a while for it. We got Jazi because she stole our hearts, she is a long haired tabby who is solid black with big emerald green eyes, My Mother got her brother and named him Ozzy. Well several months after we got Jazi, we went to Memphis for a visit and while away a family member found a kitten whom they said was perfect for me, I did NOT want another cat...till I saw him. He is a solid white short haired tabby/siamese with big blue eyes that are crossed, I named him Majik. Rest is history, several family members and friends suggested we mate the two and were willing to take on the kittens. She is due any day now and we are so anxious. Anyone out there got any advise??

Saturday, February 26, 2005


I feel the earth moving under my feet!!! It is amazing how free I feel now that I have broken free from the "system" and started this blog.....Im not sure if this blog serves any purpose to the readers but it has been a great healing process for me!! Since I have started this, I have not solicited visits from my downline, infact I havent told them about it....Well now 2 of them know about it ( after finding it in search engines and other links from sites, and recognizing my story LOL ) and my sponsor knows about it ( I told him tonight). I HAVE encouraged my downline to research the Quix Rules and BSMAA agreement as they signed these contracts when they registered, many of them are starting to and its amazing how many people feel cheated and disillusioned by what they have read and found out, just as I was!!!( of course this is due to Upline and what we have been taught by them, not by Quix)....Well needless to say, my Quix group is falling apart...many of them are heading on over to Bo Short's new biz.....It seems that in their research into MLM they have happend upon his biz, most of them found it from the AMQUIX website....Everyones got questions about it, they have met other members of his business online whom have given their testimony's....Again I caution them to research research research and make sure that they are CLEAR on what they are getting into ( if they get in)....Turns out....My sponsor is now in that biz also!!! SO.....I am going to ask you "loyal" readers now to tell me just what you think about this and what you think about the Biz that Bo has started....lets do some comparisons if you will.....NOW let me make it clear that I am polling for OPINIONS so that others who happen upon that opportunity can read here what others have to say about it, I am not PROMOTING the business I am not even mentioning the name of it here, I do not give any credibility to the company nor do take any away.....I just wanna know what the people think!!! So out with it...whats your opinion, what do you know about it, whats the ups whats the downs....So that others can hear what you have to say....I wont say you CANT mention the site name here, I simply choose not to as its a conflict of interest for me to do that!

Friday, February 25, 2005


I have a request for you all. Would some of you share your feelings about how you now feel about having prospected your friends and family for MLM. If you have never been involved in MLM but have been prospected by someone close to you, share your feelings here. I think this will be helpful for some of the people that have visited the blog recently. Thank you all
*Sept. 5 2003*

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Just wanted to throw this in while I am here at the puter...We are currently being Audited by the IRS for tax year 2003, which by the way was the last year we did business with Quixtar. Thank goodness it has nothing to do with that, at least I dont think so. We have been very lucky that this pain in the ass has the outcome of the IRS owing us 3 grand....not the typical ending to that story I know but again we got lucky! Hope tax season isnt kicking you as hard as it has kicked us LOL

Thursday, February 17, 2005

What should I say????

I have recently found out that one of the teachers at my kids school, whom by the way, I have become friends with, is involved in AMWAY/QUIXTAR.....She is becoming a little jaded, as we all do in that organization, and asked me about my experience with the company. Luckily the conversation was cut short as it was dinner time in my home and the kids got rowdy so I let her go....What do I say??? I usually tell them EVERYTHING, but I realize now that its not fair for me to take the wind out of her sails, however that seems to be happening already....What do you think????

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Here is "upline" response to the 70% rule and MCVR

The 70% rule states that you sell or use 70% of what you order in any given month. This is to avoid building up a stockpile of stuff.

The MCVR states that you need to sell to a customer 50PV worth of product or any amount to 10 different customers in order to get downline volume bonus. You can be your own customer. The 50 PV keeps this from being a pyramid where you sign up and get money without purchases or you doing anything.

*Originally posted March 8, 2003*

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So, What is it?

Upon visiting QBLOG's site I read that he was polling about seeing "the plan" and I have my own question about this. What all does your plan include? How many pages is the actual paper presentation? Do you have a printed copy? Did you get it from a website that you subscribe to? Has your plan changed? How many times? Who developed your plan? WERE YOU AWARE THAT EACH "TEAM" HAS THEIR "OWN" PLAN???????? Thats another reason why this is so confusing for prospects but see it helps Quix in the long run cause if the "X" team shows someone the plan then the "Y" team comes in and shows "their version" of the plan the prospect will say Oh I have seen this its that "X enterprises" thing, then you can "without lying" say No no this is "Y incorporated" and trick them in to the plan. ( Upline actually said that to us )
(*Originally Posted 4/2003*)